Coming September 2021:

Change of Heart is my 4th BL novel, out now on Amazon, Kindle & Kindle Unlimited. Coming soon to Outland.
It's got all your fave tropes, from found family to fake dating.
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Previous works:
SNOW (2010), Jaded (2012), Love Addict (2014)
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Carola. She/Her
Published author
Professional Fujoshi

I'm an author of BL Novels, with three publications under my belt and one on the way.
In the process of changing my pen name.
Writing style:
I typically dabble in angst and spice, but my upcoming novel is a little lighter at heart.

Aside from writing, I work with event and convention organizing, or do panels for various cons.

I also collect manga and merch and post about it online~

My website is being revamped so Carrd is a temp solution.

Next con**: Fujocon 11th-13th June.
Casacon 25th-27th June


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